Demand Job Protections for You and Your Family


More than a third of fired Illinoisans have once been fired or let go for unfair reasons. The Secure Jobs Act rethinks Illinois' at-will employment toward fair and transparent employment practices because no one wants to be fired on a whim. We are making job security real in 4 ways:

  • Giving employees the opportunity to improve work performance before firing
  • Banning constructive discharge—including a reduction in hours, demotion, or action on behalf of the employer that creates a hostile, uncomfortable, or unfair work environment.
  • Putting the human back in management with limits on electronic monitoring (e.g. movement tracking, productivity tracking devices, etc.) in decisions relating to discipline and discharge
  • Providing severance pay for those fired to ease financial burden

With your support, we can collectively ask for your House representative's support. Sign up to demand job protections for you and your family!